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Issue 10

High Performance Marketers
Peter Fisk from PA Consulting Group explores what is required for high performance marketing in today's markets, and how it is only achieved when people and process development is anchored in the critical issues and priority actions of the business.

Measuring the success of your web site
Web sites typically represent substantial investments for their owners, but what are they delivering in return? This is an obvious question but surprisingly few books have been written on this topic. In 2002, after a long time waiting, like the proverbial number ten bus, two have come along at once and are reviewed by Dr Dave Chaffey.

I don't want to have a relationship with you, but an affair could be attractive
In the entertaining, but informative, CRM article Andy Owen reminds us that Customers out there are now very smart. They are fully aware of their power. They realise that a relationship will benefit the company first and them second. And, they are, quite rightly, having none of it.

CRM in finance
Merlin Stone - IBM Professor of Relationship Marketing joins forces with Premala Shan, an Independent Consultant in Financial services to present a very interesting case study that shows how successful CRM implementation in Banking has transformed the bank branch experience for many customers.

Tracking 'true' success from your online media
With all of the different media types available to the online marketer the true success of each is often hard to measure. The traditional forms of measurement - traffic generation - is fast being replaced by attributing sales to traffic and identifying a conversion rate, however, how do you determine what a conversion is and whether the information reported on is a true representation of success?

Ten things you really need to know about your customers
Answering these questions honestly and objectively will help you to:

  • Challenge your existing assumptions about customers
  • Ensure that you are the customer's best option
  • Recognise that the customer's perceptions are reality
  • Develop an understanding of the profitability of individual customers
  • Ensure that your customers are not simply those that your competitors don't want.

Exhibiting - A Bowl of Cherries and the Cherry Pie
If life is like a bowl of cherries, then trade shows are like a cherry pie. There are three parts to a successful trade show. Logistics. Presentation. Promotion. Each part is a big job in and of itself, and some firms have whole departments to handle just a small portion. But like baking a pie - at home or in a commercial kitchen - the success is measured in the coordination of the process.

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