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Issue 11

CRM in the Public Sector
Merlin Stone of IBM reviews some of the areas public sector managers need to explore before and during application of CRM ideas to their domain. This article provides a helpful summary of the main issues, and suggests to public sector management how they can learn (or not) from the very varied and problematic experience of the private sector in applying the ideas of customer management.

High performance brands
Long-term brand building is seen as the most important goal of marketers according to PA Consulting Group's new research with marketing directors. The interest in brands is demonstrated by the number of branding agencies, books and conferences which are dedicated to the cause. An example being the annual obsession with Business Week's league table of the world's most valuable brands.

Sales Process Engineering
This article describes the powerful Sales Questioning Strategy to maximise success in selling. The questions described are integral to sales process engineering, to identify the core information about the prospect that you need to exercise persuasion and influence effectively. The answers will reveal the customer's precise wants and needs, for you then to match with the most relevant benefits and features of your products or services.

The Gift Card Market
According to U.S. research by Faulkner & Gray, the total gift card marketplace has shown exponential growth while paper continues to decline.

IT Brand Perception and Customer Satisfaction Study
ImageTrak 2002, VNU's annual IT brand perception and customer satisfaction study, reveals a clear picture of the concerns facing corporate IT decision makers in the UK this Autumn. The 2002 survey provides a wealth of data on 40 of the leading IT brands in five key sectors: storage, telecommunications and networking, software, hardware and services.

SME Research
Research has revealed that only 14% of small and medium-sized businesses employ any type of dedicated marketing specialist, with a further 40% - 'the marketing virgins' - having nobody within their firms to handle marketing on a day-to-day basis . In the remaining 46% of firms interviewed for the study, 22% assign a director with no appropriate expertise to handle marketing on a day-to-day basis, 15% use a PA/administrator, 2% use the finance director, 1% use a salesman and 6% use 'other' people.

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