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Issue 13

Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing
What is pay per click advertising? Dr Dave Chaffey explores the practice of delivering targeted messages to search engine users and gives advice for developing, implementing and measuring the success of this form of advertising campaign

Trial by Media - Do's and Don'ts
What do you do when the press learns you're being sued, sometimes even before you learn it? When allegations by plaintiffs are being listed in the newspaper or on TV, your employees and customers are all calling you, and your lawyer may not have had a chance to read the complaint?" Jonathan Bernstein provides some handy tips.

Does Social Democracy Destroy Marketing?
CRM processes must be based on what people are capable of doing, and must be designed with input from the people who are supposed to be using them. It must also be possible to depart from them if the customer benefits, provided that the departure is known about so that the organisation can see opportunities for improvement by modifying the processes. But just setting targets and delegating accountability achieves little - which is where there may be lessons for UK politics!

Corporate Video Revival
If you consider the corporate video to be a thing of the past – think again. Companies of all sizes are making greater use of the corporate video that ever before because production costs are lower, quality is far higher, animation and special effects are affordable, delivery can be on CD-ROM or DVD and, with the advent of broadband, potential clients can view your video on-line in seconds.

Email Marketing - So who should be allowed to email your database?
With an increasing number of the UK population online, the Internet has become a popular medium for businesses to gather email addresses for direct marketing initiatives. Gavin Sinden, Managing Director of Digital Marketing Direct, looks at the advantages and disadvantages of renting your email file and what tips you should be adopting to make your email marketing campaign as effective as possible.

The world is full of digital material in cardboard archives!
A misplaced press comment can undermine an entire marketing campaign - yet such occurrences are always likely when spokespeople are put on the spot without access to core marketing information. Jim Woods from GOWI Group explains how providing a digital platform offering access to the latest marketing information can ensure consistency and effectiveness of message.

The race is on
In today's fiercely competitive market, innovation is increasingly tough. According to Pip Frankish, 3M's Head of Corporate Marketing & Communication, it's a 'hare market' where speed and backing winners is essential. She provides an insight into what 3M is doing to maintain the pace.

Marketing the Marketing Department
How many Marketing people can honestly say that they have never had painful experiences during times of marketing budgets cuts and increased need for justifying expense? The two questions are (a) Why? and (b) How can the budget pains be avoided, or, at least, reduced? Malcolm Wickes provides the answers.

One Customer, One Relationship,
Multiple Marketing Channels

According to the Direct Marketing Association, 95 per cent of retailers are trying to implement some form of multi-channel marketing. But almost three quarters cannot track customer behaviour and are unable to quantify ROI. Dr Roger Hood looks at the barriers and benefits of multi channel customer strategies.

CRM - Myth or Measurable Benefit?
Companies across the world are implementing costly customer relationship management (CRM) systems in order to maximise their customer value, but do these systems really bring the economic benefits expected of them? Julie Abbott investigates.

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