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Issue 14

This is a new column for WNIM which aims to question some of the current thinking surrounding CRM. Check back each month to catch up on the latest discussion…

The Happy Contented Marketer
Lisa Davies from PA Consulting Group explains why marketers need to break out of their comfort zones to maximise their impact in the boardroom but stresses that this need not require letting go of a passion for brands and marketing.

Predictions for Marketing in 2003
As we move into another year, our New Year resolutions may turn too quickly into a search for new mantras on which to build our careers. Merlin Stone takes a look at what we can expect to see in the marketing world in 2003.

Great Web Strategy – Pity About the Usability
The easiest way of improving the effectiveness of a website is to improve its usability – a message that most companies ignore. Dick Stroud explains.

Online Advertising – Beyond the Banner
Do you suffer from ‘banner blindness’? If so, you are a typical web user who doesn’t click on the standard ad banner or even register its existence. In this article, Dave Chaffey discusses the various forms of online advertising and the varying levels of success they typically achieve.

A World Without Sales Promotion…
Imagine a world without sales promotion. No buy-one-get-one-frees; no toys inside cereal boxes for children to collect; no money-off coupons. Not a tempting prospect, is it? And that's why the whole UK marketing community needs to champion this vibrant and creative discipline.

Constructing Classified Ads for Maximum Profit$
When putting together a piece for a classified advertisement, every word can be crucial in determining whether the ad will be a success. Kenny Love dissects an ad for a typing service to establish how you can achieve the optimum response level for you money.

Raising the Flag
UK companies rarely beat US rivals in terms of innovation and productivity. Pip Frankish, 3M UK’s Head of Corporate marketing & communication, looks at the issues and work underway in the UK to bring about change in the SME sector.

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