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Issue 15

Excalibur continues its focus on current thinking surrounding CRM. This month, the spotlight is on the aftermath of the newly implemented congestion charging in central London. Check back each month to catch up on the latest discussion…

Marketing Management – Has it Changed That Much?
Merlin Stone examines why and how the management of marketing, sales and service – from objective setting, environmental analysis, strategy definition and planning, through implementation, measurement, control and feedback to redifinition of objectives, strategy and policy – has changed in the last few years.

Learn from the best
Continuing the popular Copycat series on contemporary copywriting, Andy Owen this month looks at how the knowledge of the past can be harnessed and utilised effectively in today’s competitive marketplace.

Andy is also running two FREE copywriting sessions at the International Direct Marketing Fair at Earls Court from 4th- 6th March, for The Institute Of Direct Marketing.

Web site Redesign and Undesign
When was the design of your organisation’s web site last changed? In this article, Dave Chaffey looks at how practical objectives can facilitate web marketing evaluation, how different design philosophies can give poor results, and how implementing a few practical guidelines can improve the marketing effectiveness of your website.

Branding – Much More than a Name
Ever been in doubt about the importance of on-line brand building? Its significance is demonstrated by the latest research showing that 65% of Internet users arrive at their desired Web site by direct navigation. Dick Stroud and Stephen Bedford discuss the basics of on-line brand development.

Decisions – How to Make Them Easier
In this article, Malcolm Wicks looks at why decisions get delayed and provides practical advice on how to avoid letting people become decision-avoiders in times of uncertainty.

Sports Sponsorship
By the end of 2002 the UK sponsorship market was worth around £460 million in recorded deals. If you take into consideration exploitation costs, this puts the figure to over £1.2 billion. In this article, Martin Cannon considers the role of sports sponsorship with in the marketing plan in today’s economic climate.

REALLY Capturing Customer Value
CRM - another fundamentally sound management idea has got hi-jacked and, through poor implementation and lack of thought, is now gaining a bad reputation for value and return on investment. The first step in CRM is to forget technology… Michael Slade from PA Consulting Group explains why.

ISBA – Tackling the Key Issues…. And Much More Besides
These are, without doubt, demanding times for UK marketers across all sectors. Indeed this may prove to be a year in which ISBA, the single representative body for UK advertisers, has more opportunity to help shape the future than at any time in its 100 year history.

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