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Issue 16

Excalibur continues its focus on current thinking surrounding CRM. This month, the spotlight is on communication between market research and CRM people. Check back each month to catch up on the latest discussion…

E-mail Marketing – CRITICAL Factors for Success
This month Dave Chaffey starts a series of in-depth articles aimed at improving the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing. In this introductory article, he summarises the CRITICAL success factors essential to achieving a good response rate to e-mail campaigns and e-newsletters.

Website Success
Getting the most from your online media is hard at the best of times especially when the success of your spend is often not accountable. In this article, James Colborn demonstrates that using traditional segmentation, targeting and positioning theory online can prove extremely effective at increasing your website success.

The Role of Corporate Hospitality in the Current Marketing Mix
By the middle of 2002 the UK corporate hospitality market had suffered an approximate 5% contraction as a result of the economic downturn. Tony Barnard explains why he believes that corporate hospitality is an important ingredient in the modern CRM mix and an essential element of maximising client lifetime value.

How to Maximise Responses for your DM Campaign
Targeted mailing lists are the key to a successful mailing project but it is important to be aware of what’s in the market before choosing any list. This article looks at the key stages involved to make sure your marketing efforts are not wasted.

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