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Issue 17

Excalibur continues its focus on current thinking surrounding CRM. This month, the spotlight is on UK Universities – The Great Unsung Government CRM Success? Check back each month to catch up on the latest discussion.

Evaluating E-mail Marketing Using the 8Rs
Opt-in e-mail is no longer a specialist communications tool for e-marketers; it is has entered the mainstream. But with e-mail budgets set to increase, how can you be sure you are delivering successful campaigns? Dave Chaffey looks at the eight R’s for the evaluation of your e-mail marketing.

Customer Loyalty
Loyalty schemes are just one of many competitive initiatives used by retailers to supplement the traditional weapons of marketing. Here Merlin Stone looks at the size of this undertaking behind the scenes.

The Mother of Innovation
How do you create the right setting to demonstrate your company’s innovation capabilities to customers? Pip Frankish, 3M UK’s Head of Corporate Marketing & Communication, states that this is about more than well designed physical space.

Marketing and IT - Common Problems, Shared Solutions
Marketing and IT face many of the same business problems. Fortunately they have the skills and experience to help each other succeed. Dick Stroud looks at why these core departments should start talking.

Of Course your Web site is Great
A survey of over 100 web sites carried out by Three Step Consulting identifies three stages of the corporate website – which category does yours fit into? Malcolm Wicks provides recommendations for the development of your website in 2003.

How to be the UK's Fastest Growing Company
'Penny Streeter's Ambition 24Hours is the fastest growing UK private company' ('Sunday Times'/ Fast Track, 2002). Growth is organic, at 256% pa, with revenue exceeding £50 million and no bank borrowings. All achieved from start-up in just six years. Penny Streeter and Patrick Rea explain how 'innovation' is employed in sales process engineering to accelerate growth and profitability.

Promote your Brand, Reward your Loyal Customers and Motivate your Staff
In these times of fierce competition, every company needs to maintain and promote its identity, reward and inspire its valued customers and motivate hard-working staff – all at the same time? What medium allows you do all these things cost effectively? Promotional merchandise is the answer.

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