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Issue 19

Pour encourager les autres
Excalibur continues its focus on current thinking surrounding CRM. This month, competition and how resting on your laurels can leave you open to attack. Check back each month to catch up on the latest discussion…

Andy, this month, continues his popular 'Copycat' series and returns to the inspirational years of direct marketing and mail order, to revisit the work of a genius…

E-mail Marketing - Getting noticed in a crowded in-box
How long does it take to delete an e-mail? 2 seconds, 1 second, 0.1 seconds? Whatever the answer, our behaviour when going through new mail is that our finger hovers ruthlessly over the delete key, deleting on impulse. Dave Chaffey looks at ways to make sure your messages are noticed.

A Nation of Thieves - The Dark Side
Are we really on the verge of an ethical society? Or is the reality that the majority of customers have a darker side which is happy to steal and defraud? Merlin Stone looks at good and bad customers and how business can protect themselves against the bad ones.

Is Search Engine Marketing right for you?
As search engine marketing becomes increasingly an issue affecting every organisation online, many businesses are so desperate to not be left behind that they are failing to properly analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their campaigns. Here, James Colborn considers setting and achieving search engine marketing objectives.

Ideas from the Front line can pay off
Ideas from employees have fuelled some of the most innovative products and marketing campaigns of the last century. In this article Pip Frankish of 3M takes a look at tapping the dormant creativity within your organisation.

Speed Kills Competition - Marketers should embrace the real-time enterprise
Customers rarely complain about things happening too quickly, and the majority would pay for this. So why do most mail order companies still only promise 28 day delivery? Beth Rogers explains why real-time enterprise represents a new opportunity for marketers to drive customer satisfaction whilst also saving the company money.

What's Old in Marketing (Research)
Amidst all the exciting developments in marketing research thanks to new technology, Nigel Bradley takes a step back to look at the underlying principles behind it. Instead of changing with the times, these core elements are becoming even more important for ensuring successful research projects.

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