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Issue 20

Saint Mole
Excalibur continues its focus on current thinking surrounding CRM. This month, after recent events involving the BBC and the government, what should you do with information which the customer should know but the company won't tell them?… Advice for the would-be mole.

Mobiles, Texting, Multimedia Messaging and Marketing
Although there have been some stunning successes in the use of text messaging in marketing, its development has been weak. This month, Merlin Stone looks at how this market has changed over the years and why we should reconsider permissioning for the mobile.

E-mail Marketing - Crafting Creative
Producing effective e-mail creative or working with agencies producing this creative presents a new challenge for marketers. Dave Chaffey looks at how issues surrounding e-mail marketing have changed, how to structure your e-mail and how use of a simple checklist can ensure best results.

Effective Marketing Communications
Andy, this month, continues his popular 'Copycat' series and looks at how the power of words are now at the very forefront of the increasingly difficult struggle to create effective marketing communications.

Branding vs. Offering
You've taken great strides into the online space and search engine optimisation is proving extremely successful. But how successful are you really? James Colborn questions whether you are spending good money on words and phrases that don't covert with your brand name bolstering an otherwise mediocre campaign.

So What's New in Marketing - not a lot?
Will marketing move to the centre stage of business or continue lamenting its lack of status and influence? Dick Stroud addresses the issues regarding moving marketing into the boardroom.

Why Corporate Images need more than a Quick Face Lift
As businesses start to get ready for the next up-cycle, new Names Identities and Images are underway. Big time branding failures and silly casual naming of the recent past taught marketers some key lessons. Here, is a quick guide to test any Name Identity on the horizon or a struggling brand.

Effective and Scrupulous Telemarketing
Telemarketing now suffers from a degree of consumer apathy as people become tired of being harangued by sales reps. So companies undertaking telemarketing must be more scrupulous than ever in their approach. Tessa Kelly looks at the legislation governing telemarketing, as well as the relevant industry codes of practice.

The Importance of Budgeting
Got a great product people should know about? How will they ever know if you have not properly budgeted for its successful promotion? Kenny Love offers some handy tips.

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