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Issue 21

When People-Based CRM Might Help Customer Service
Excalibur is back again, continuing its response to current thinking surrounding CRM. This month the focus is on customer services and whether people should take priority over processes.

An Eye on Profits and the Community
Cause related marketing can mean big business for commercial organisations and charities. Pip Frankish, General Manager, Corporate Marketing & Communication, 3M UK, looks at how companies are becoming increasingly innovative when including such campaigns in their marketing strategies.

E-Mail Marketing - Copywriting Best Practice
Dave Chaffey continues his series on e-mail marketing. Following his insights into crafting e-mail creative, this month he returns to look in more detail at best practice for e-mail copywriting, investigating the 8 questions that everyone writing e-copy should be asking.

The Five Deadly Sins of Copy Creativity
Andy this month continues his popular 'Copycat' series and looks at the Five Deadly Sins Of Copy Creativity and adds two new ones of his own. Plus, he shares with us, some fascinating copy and creative examples taken from his large postbag...

Market Research and CRM
While marketing researchers might applaud the "Listen, observe and learn" ethos of CRM, the reality of CRM often leaves much to be desired. Merlin Stone looks at why marketing researchers should consider becoming guardians of customer information.

A Blogging Marketer!
Blogs are beginning to be used as a business communications tool. Never heard of them? You soon will. Dick Stroud takes a look at what a blog is, what you can do with them and why they are important for marketing.

Why Goal Setting Works!
It's official: we can accomplish more and go farther if we dedicate ourselves to written goals, keep them on our corporate and personal radar screens and follow through to make them happen. Colin Thompson looks at how to set goals for the maximum impact.

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