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Issue 23

In Search of Marketing's Hard Edge

It is a truth almost universally acknowledged that marketing is a vital contributor to corporate and broader economic success. Yet, in the majority of large companies the influence, status and reputation of marketing and marketers is limited. In this article, Peter Fisk introduces the first agenda from the CIM Insights team.

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Sustaining and Transferring Brands

Merlin Stone examines the different marketing and customer services approaches to maintaining and extending brands and discusses the leadership questions that must be asked about whether to use an established brand to offer more for customers or to make more money for the business.

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E-Newsletters - Devising and Revising

Dave Chaffey is back with the second part of his insights into the 20 key questions that e-newsletter publishers must ask themselves if they are to get into their customers 'must read' category and stay there; including advice on timing, frequency, integration and tracking.

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How 'Sensational' is Your Copy?

Have you noticed how bad copywriters all tend to write in the same tone of voice? Everything is sensational, amazing and wonderful… Financial services companies are the worst. Not satisfied with 'raping' our letterboxes over the last 5 years and almost single-handedly giving our business the junk mail tag, most of them continue to produce staggeringly poor copy.

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When Your Number's Up

The end of the UK's 192 directory enquiries service meant BT was faced with a marketing challenge rarely encountered. Pip Frankish, General Manager, Corporate Marketing & Communication, 3M UK, explains BT's tactics in the face of fierce competition.

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Competitor Analysis … Keeping Ahead of the Game

Few companies can survive without some basic knowledge of their competitors, but relatively few small and medium sized enterprises invest in a thorough analysis of their rivals. In this article, David Eaton looks at how and why you should get hold of this valuable information.

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Confidence - It's Time to Open the Bubbly!

You are the most important person in the world. You have changed the lives of thousands of people. Some dramatically, some subtly; all irreversibly. In this article, Jonathan Gabay provides an inspirational look at the effect of the contact we have with others.

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