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Issue 25

Communication Overload

The modern consumer is under siege. From the moment we wake up to the moment our heads hit the pillow, we are bombarded with unsolicited messages. As marketing moves towards an age of consent, the CIM Insights Team reveal what this means for marketers.

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“Hello” Factor Hits Scotland

This month, Excalibur is heading north. It’s not so long ago that Scotland was the star of the UK financial services community. But it has been hit by the “Hello” factor. Check back each month for the latest current thinking on CRM.

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The 20 Most Powerful Copywriting Rules of All Time

You are no longer in charge of the selling situation, and probably never will be again. Andy Owen revisits, reiterates and updates some of the vital areas of contemporary copywriting to help you influence the sceptical recipients of your marketing messages.

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Multimedia, Multichannel, Multimoney

Whilst companies may have their data on customer and on marketing activities in order, they often do not have the information they need to manage their channels. In this article, Merlin Stone looks at how, despite the technological advances in this area, practice is not changing so quickly.

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E-permission Marketing

Since Seth Godin published 'Permission Marketing' in 1999, his mantra has found itself moving higher up the marketing agenda, particularly with the introduction of the new Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations and the launch of CIM's 'You Talkin' To Me?' quarterly agenda. In this article Dave Chaffey adopts Godin's principles to create ten golden rules for effective and legal e-permission marketing.

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What’s in a Name?

Choosing a suitable name for a company or brand is becoming increasingly difficult as the best names have all been used. Or have they? Pip Frankish, General Manager, Corporate Marketing & Communication, 3M UK, looks at current global trends and examines some of the pitfalls.

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Have we Reached the Tipping Point for 50+ Marketing?

Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” was a best selling marketing book. Dick Stroud looks at the three basic elements of Tipping Point theory and considers what it tells us about 50+ Marketing.

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Identifying Intricacies in Keyword Portfolio Management

The extent of the keywords available to the search engine marketer has grown to such a level that managing a portfolio of keywords has become a large part of daily activity. This article looks at some of the finer points to relate to before making a decision to keep, remove or optimise your listings.

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No such thing as a free lunch

With Christmas just over, has much thought been spared for the return on investment on Christmas communications and hospitality? Beth Rogers looks at how you can maximise relationship value whilst minimising the entertainment budget.

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Let’s Integrate Baby!

Everyone who is anyone is raging about Media Neutral Integrated Marketing’s ousting of Value Added Marketing. Yet just a few years ago it was all about through-the-line marketing. In this article, Jonathan Gabay reviews the latest trends in marketing and asks whether MNIM will be any different to its predecessors.

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The rise and rise of the specialist

With the days of the full service supplier apparently numbered, we now seem to be firmly in the grips of the specialist expert. Peter Hughes looks at what this means for the effective marketer.

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Does Your Organisation Make Consistent Decisions?

Nobody thinks their company makes consistent decisions and the frustration caused by conflicting and untimely decisions is widespread. But according to Malcolm Wicks, there is more to this than just the size of company concerned.

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