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Issue 26

The lunatics are running the asylum. I'm convinced of it now…

This month, Andy continues his popular Copycat series and bemoans the poor quality and lack of real effectiveness of ads, emails and mailers he has spotted recently… Is Andy right? Are communications getting worse? Read the article and make your own mind up…

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Google – Beyond the Basics

Google is not new. However, more than five years after its launch, they still employ an army of “techies” to improve their services. In this article, Dave Chaffey explains how you can use Google more effectively, through going beyond simple search queries to use advanced queries for more relevant results.

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Yes, yes, yes!

The average consumer sees 1,500 marketing messages a day. A third of all direct mail is thrown away. By 2006, spam emails are estimated to swell to around 20 billion each day. Marketing communications have become like TV reality programmes: overdone; leaving consumers screaming, 'get me out of here, I'm harassed!"

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Why it's Great to be an Expert - or is it?

Does your existing business model give customers what they want? Have easyGroup got it right with their low cost model? In this article, Merlin Stone looks at the role of the experts compared to the value of letting your own people establish what the customers want.

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Looking on the Bright Side of the Pensions Crisis

There has been a lot in the media about the supposed pensions crisis. This month, Excalibur explains how the term "pensions crisis" itself is creating the very crisis we are trying to avoid and suggests that focusing on the more positive aspects of ageing in the UK would prove more constructive.

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Payment by Results

When marketing managers are under pressure to justify budgets, payment by results on media spending becomes an extremely attractive option. However, this is not always feasible. In this article, Peter Webb explains the implications of this approach for both the media owner and the advertiser.

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Effective marketing now is all about giving the consumers
what they want - enhancing their life, not the brand

Now more than ever we need to find out about our consumers and where the brand fits into their lives. In this article, Kevin Jackson looks at what customers want in their relationship with a brand. The tables have turned - the ball is now in the consumer's court.

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