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Issue 27

The Creative Dilemma

This month we are focussing on the CIM's third Insights Agenda entitled 'The Creative Dilemma'. It looks at the problem of generating successful innovation in fast-changing markets. Much innovation is incremental and based on short-term goals, but frequently these fail to impress consumers.

Marketers are in a position to drive more radical innovations that meet consumers' needs, deliver greater profits, and help secure a company's long-term future. Our agenda paper shows you how. For a summary of the paper, check out the article entitled "The Creative Dilemma" below.

Or, for the full paper, visit www.shapetheagenda.com

For Sale, Recycled Speeches

Excalibur is here again with more comical insight into the world of marketing. In the spotlight this month – conference speakers. Are we making the most of the technology available in our conferences? And is there scope for speakers to be eliminated altogether?

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Google Innovations

In this article, Dave Chaffey provides more insights into Google, the search engine which has triumphed through innovation. This month, he looks at some features of Google Advanced search which have been introduced since its launch.

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Customer Insight and Marketing People

This article introduces Professor Stone’s forthcoming book, “Customer Insight”. Professor Stone raises a number of issues associated with database marketing and explains why, no matter how advanced the technology becomes, the process still relies on people for its implementation.

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With an idea like that, you must be out of your box!

Last year a survey concluded that for employers, one of the biggest ‘turn-offs’ in a CV were the words “I thought outside the box”. In this article, Jonathan Gabay looks at what innovation in marketing has to do with thinking outside of the box.

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Marketing Investment: Seeking Many Happy Returns

Demonstrating return on marketing investment is increasingly important as companies seek to save costs. Pip Frankish, General Manager of Corporate Marketing & Communication, 3M UK, looks at the issues and asks whether such accountability could stifle creativity.

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Competing in the Global Economy: DTI Innovation Report

The Department of Trade and Industry has published a comprehensive report known as the Innovation Report. This presents the findings of a review of the innovation performance of the UK economy and sets out the policy priorities for the future.

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Avoiding the Potential Pitfalls of Corporate Hospitality

Corporate hospitality is no longer just about entertaining clients – it’s about maximising a return on investment. Tom Warsop uncovers the issues that affect our perceptions of corporate hospitality and discusses how businesses can avoid the potential pitfalls of client entertainment.

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Paid Inclusion Search Engines –
How do the recent changes really affect you?

The changes to search engine marketing have been a long time coming, yet at the same time the roll out has been very fast with little actually mentioned about the UK. In this article, James Colborn explains how your business could be affected.

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