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Issue 28

The Importance of an Effective First Paragraph

Your headline has grabbed the reader. That reader is on side and interested. You have a fish on the hook. Now you have to secure the fish and land it. In this article, Andy Owen explains why that first paragraph is vital to the success of your campaign.

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Can E-mail Marketing Survive SPAM?

The tide of SPAM doesn’t show any sign of turning. In fact, according to one source, in 2003 SPAM increased from 40% to 60% of global e-mail traffic. In this article, Dave Chaffey examines the future of unsolicited commercial e-mail messages and their impact on your e-marketing.

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Shifting Channels

Getting customers to move to channels that suit suppliers is an important issue for many businesses, but not a new one. Professor Merlin Stone looks at the history of channel innovation and then provides a number of important lessons in developing your channel strategy, accelerating the move and then managing the cycle.

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Innovation – a Sham or a Change for the Better?
Each year a posh venue in the heart of the big city hosts an advertising and marketing award ceremony. It is an occasion for men to hire suits, women buy dresses, bowties to fathom and speeches of thanks jotted down. But when it comes to handing out the trophies for innovation, is the judges’ choice flawed? Jonathan Gabay looks at how the wrong people often get the credit.

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Bad Data Means Atrocious Service

Excalibur is back with another tale of misery from the world of customer relationship management. This month, a bank is in the firing line as an example of how it is atrocious service that causes customers to leave, not poor service.

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Customer Experiences at the Point of Interaction

The experiences customers receive through their interactions with your organisation will make or break your ability to develop a long-term relationship with them. Steven Howard looks at how it is often these customer experiences at the critical Points of Interaction that determine whether the customer will consider you as a source or a solution to their wants, needs, or desires.

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People to People – Five Lists for Ensuring
that Employees Drive CRM Success

Customer focus is the mantra of the new century. It is virgin territory for many companies and many approaches have proved to be flawed. Ian Corner and Beth Rogers look at why analysing people is critical to CRM success.

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The 10 Commandments for Rebuilding a Brand

European branding consultancy Henrion Ludlow Schmidt has launched its 10 commandments for companies contemplating rebuilding a tarnished or tired brand. 

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