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Issue 29

Look Back – There are Rich Treasures to Discover

Andy Owen delivers a strong case to show that a lot of people out there are still novices in the art of copywriting. This month, he takes us back to the good old days, when copywriting for response was recognised as a specialist art, providing some fine examples as it should be done.

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The Top 10 E-marketing Strategy Issues of Today and Tomorrow?

How can E-marketing best support marketing activities? In this article Dave Chaffey answers this question by looking at the top 10 strategic issues of E-marketing as he experiences them from working with marketers who are actively integrating online channels into their marketing activity.

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Quick-win Strategy for the era of the 500-day CEO

Shareholders are becoming more and more impatient with CEOs who fail to deliver above average returns. Despite the best efforts of the CEO, strategy is found wanting. Beth Rogers and Merlin Stone summarise the latest recommendations on identifying and realising growth potential, and quickly!

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Innovation – Fly the Flag
This month, Jonathan Gabay heads across the pond and stumbles upon some stories of innovation from the past. But these days, do companies really pay allegiance to openness towards innovation and innovators?

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Fat Cat

Excalibur is back again with another tale from the business world. Most people think that being a fat cat is easy. But who are the most important people to stay on the right side of? The other fat cats, or the people who really know what’s going on?

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Organic Search – As popular as ever, but why?

The message is still loud and clear for search marketers; free search is still one of the most important variables in getting the most from the search environment. But why? This article investigates whether or not the old ways are still the best.

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Brand ambassador: are you one?

We all know that a brand is more than a shiny logo. It’s an experience which every employee can reinforce. Pip Frankish, General Manager, Corporate Marketing & Communication, 3M UK, examines the employee’s role as a brand ambassador.

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Calculating the Pay-Back from Advertising

When spending on advertising is so high, why is ROI not calculated? £17 billion is spent on advertising by UK companies each year. Karl Weaver looks at how, for many marketers, the phrase “I know half my dollars are wasted, but I don’t know which half” is all too common.

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The Four Ps of Customer Retention

It has been approximately 40 years since marketing professor (and subsequent guru) Dr. Philip Kotler coined the concept of the four P’s of marketing. But do these apply to customer retention? In this article, Steve Howard suggests an alternative set of four P’s for this purpose.
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